About Us

Our Story

“Every great story has a beginning”
-Hubie Doobie

The name “Speaker Humperz” all started when one of Speaker Humperz very own, Connor Buddyback, was asked by his doctor if he had any plans for the upcoming weekend. Connor enthusiastically replied “I am going to a house music show with my best friends!” in which his legendary lobotomist quickly asked “Are you one of them Speaker Humperz?” and then boom! The name hit right at home with us and we felt it would hit right at home with you too.
A speaker humper is not your average festival goer, not your everyday wook, and especially not your average human. A speaker humper is someone who dances to the beat of their own bass. Someone who climbs the nearest light post because the view from the crowd just ain’t cutting it. Someone who takes music by the horns and wrestles her to the ground just to prove a point. Y’all know exactly who you are. We just want you to know that we see you, that we’re here for you, and most importantly, that you are not alone…